Gymnast on rings

The History of Gymnastics

A note to parents:
There are many things you need to know about gymnastics before you enroll your child into a course. There are many different types of gymnastics, though it all involves the same equipment, balance beams, the vault, uneven bars, pommel horse, rings, parallel bars, horizontal bars, and just a plain padded mat. Most people do not realize that their children do gymnastics every day in their own backyard or on their trampoline. This is very good exercise for your children while having fun. There are many different Gymnastic gyms around the world. Perhaps try looking on the internet for the best one that would suit you and your child’s needs.

A look in into History

In 1896, the first large scale Competition for the Olympics was held in Athens, Greece.
Five countries had competed in the event. Germany was the Winner claiming almost every medal. Since then, the Olympics has become a world wide known Competition, leaving many people glue to their seats in front of their TV’s.
Gymnastics was introduced to the United States in the 1830’s and in its schooling, it claimed immigrants such as Charles Beck, Charles Follen, and Francis Lieber.

Since then Gymnastics has become more and more popular leaving it to be around for more than 2000 years even hough the Competition side has only served in a little more than 100 years. A two- time Olympian, Shannon Miller, has won seven Olympic and nine World Championship medals. Including the two Olympic golds.

The Basics of Gymnastics Equipment

Four different types of beams are the Spring beam, low beam, the 32 inch mini beam, and the sectional beam. There is also the Balance Disc, which is a new concept to training in the balance beam and also in cheerleading. Affordable and simple, this heavy duty cushioned by air disc is 14″ across and 2-3″ high. It is very adjustable in its firmness by an air pump for a basketball. There are many different types of equipment, although ones used for Competitions are mainly for just women, or just men, not both.

An example is, that men compete on the pommel horse, rings, parallel bars and horizontal bars. While women compete on the balance beam, the vault, uneven parallel bars, and in rhythmic gymnastics. Though both men and women can compete in the floor exercises and the trampoline. Gymnastics is full of exercises for a balances development of the body. Which later turned into a competitive sport.

So whether you are wanting to get your child/children into some fun exercise or you yourself are interested in some world known competition. One thing is certain, you can find it all in gymnastics.